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Our team at One Life Healing is committed to providing Online Therapy to Illinois residents. Online Therapy is an effective solution for many clients with full lives. Online Therapy could be a great alternative if you want access to: 

-any of our highly qualified therapists without the travel time

-convenient therapy within your busy schedule

-care outside of your geographical area

-faster access to an initial appointment

To get started e-mail or text 312-586-8721

What technology do I need?

  • Internet-connected computer, tablet, or smartphone

  • Webcam or built-in camera on the device

  • A private space without interruptions

What program do you use to see clients?

  • We use a HIPAA-Compliant website called

  • does not require a login or to download software

  • A free app is available for download

What are the steps to connect online? 

  • Set up an appointment

  • Fill out practice forms with basic information and submit

  • We will send you a link to a virtual waiting room

  • Join a few minutes beforehand and therapist will greet you at the agreed time

Is Online Therapy right for me?

  • It can simply be a preference to receive online counseling

  • If you are located near our physical offices, we are happy to meet with you in person

  • It is natural to have questions - bring them to consultation or your first session

  • There are some instances when in-person counseling might be the best option

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