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One Life Healing is fully committed to providing knowledgeable and holistic psychological services to student athletes and non-athlete performers (e.g. art, music). Our dedicated team has partnered with individual clients and their families to:


-gain psychological advantage during training and competition
-incorporate mind-body practices to enhance performance

-explore role within the team or group and relevant team dynamics

-manage expectations of family, professors and supervisors, coaches, teammates and friends

-implement strategies to effectively cope with stress
-create, develop, and maintain habits that nourish physical and emotional wellness
-investigate inner-drive and motivation to compete and succeed
-evaluate systems of support to highlight best trajectory towards achievement
-incorporate other aspects of identity including, but not limited to, other interests and passions
-engage in a decision-making process related to school or team choice that is consistent with values and beliefs

We are passionate about partnering with student athletes, families, coaches, performance team personnel, and other medical professionals to develop and maintain practices that promote psychological wellness in sport and exercise.

Below are brief athletic profiles for members of our Performance Team:

Rich Espinal was a three sport student athlete in high school, playing football, basketball, and lacrosse. He continued on as a student athlete at the NCAA Division One level, playing both football and lacrosse at the College of the Holy Cross. Following graduation, Rich founded the “Fat Rhinos” a post-colleague men’s club lacrosse team and was the President of the Northwestern University Men’s Club Lacrosse Team during his graduate studies. Rich coached elite level high school lacrosse players for seven years. Throughout those years, he had the pleasure of working with players (and their families) who were training to be: the best competitors at their position, all-stars in their leagues, integral assets to their college teams, and All-Americans. Some players became NCAA champions and represented Team USA, Team Sweden, and Team Bermuda in world games competition. Rich maintains an active lifestyle and has learned to cultivate mindfulness in exercise and sport.

Umair Tarbhai was a two sport athlete in high school playing football and basketball. He played basketball at the collegiate level for NAIA Division I Saint Xavier University. After graduating Umair began working with athletes from all levels from middle school, high school, collegiate, and professionals on skill development, strength and explosion training, and mental wellness in relation to performance and anxiety. Through this work Umair has been able to work with both athletes and their families to help athletes and performers thrive in all areas of their lives.

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